Greeks Against Sexual Assault

Greeks Against Sexual Assault works towards increasing awareness, educating, and eliminating sexual assault and dating violence
from the Greek community through peer education and activism amongst sororities and fraternities nationwide.

About Greeks Against Sexual Assault

The University of California, Davis has operated the Campus Violence Prevention Program (CVPP) since 1979.

In an effort to further target the Greek community, GASA was created through CVPP in the spring of 2007. A class was developed and all Greek chapters were encouraged to have a representative enroll. The first class in the fall of 2007 had 16 representatives who were educated on the facts about sexual assault and the resources available on campus. The final project for the class was for each representative to go back and present their new knowledge to their own chapters.

Due to the enormous success of the pilot program, the class will be offered on a bi-annual basis and we look forward to sharing the program with many campuses in the coming months.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Audio Files

I found the most difficult part of this whole process was posting the finished audio files on my blog. But through using FileQube as the third party source, I have been able to obtain individual URLs for each file. After editing each post for a while now, I think it will now be clear to visitors what they need to click to access each individual file.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Using Podcasts in the Future

After this class, I know that I will definitely use both audio and video podcasts in the future. I have never had a class that uses them before, and I had never thought about creating and using them myself before. With such a technologically savvy, busy culture it makes sense that we should covert the way we educate people into video and audio files that can be watched and listened to on the go.

Posting Files

I am still having trouble posting my audio podcast files to this blog. I have been able to upload them to a free third party server, but from there I have not yet been able to get them on this site. Fortunately, it looks like posting the video podcast files will be much easier to post because appears to have a video posting option on the blog posting page.

Editing Videos

Editing the videos in IMovie is not as clear and straightforward as editing the audio podcast footage in GarageBand. I ended up filming my video clips using the built in ISight camera on my Mac. This allowed for immediate compatibility with IMovie so I did not have to worry about converting files before editing. IMovie automatically breaks the film into shorter clips to make editing easier, however, I still think that one take shots flow together better than piecing different things together.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ending with Support

One of my favorite parts about creating the video podcasts was the ending credit reel. While most of the information was incredibly basic on that final slide, I felt very strongly about having the last thing my users see be the web address for my blog. After watching a short video podcast that takes the form of a public service announcement about what can often be a difficult and emotional topic, I wanted to be sure to leave the students with a place where they can go to get more information and support.

Musical Consistency

I decided to use the same opening and closing music in my video podcasts that I used in my audio podcasts. Dealing with such a difficult and personal topic as sexual assault, I wanted to select a serious music clip to set the tone. When creating a new website or organization I think it is crucial for the user to be able to recognize consistency. With three audio podcasts and three video podcasts, I wanted something to connect them all together besides the content and website themselves. After sharing my completed audio podcasts, and the initial drafts of my video podcasts, the viewers agreed that the music helped tie everything together while also setting the tone.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Piecing Together Footage

As I continue to work on my video podcasts I am realizing that I prefer one-take shots. Although I know that IMovie and GarageBand have editing capabilities that allow me to piece together various video and audio clips to get the perfect final clip, I have discovered that there is a difference in the end. I like getting everything I want in one shot, and I think it comes across as more natural than piecing together different shots using a technological tool.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Writing Video Podcast Scripts

As I continue to work on my scripts I am having to think about a lot more things than I did with the audio podcasts. With the audio podcasts my primary concern was the information being conveyed. I was less concerned about voice inflection or music because I felt like both of those pieces fell into place by the time I was finished recording and editing. However, with the video podcasts, although my primary concern is still the material being conveyed, I am now also thinking about the people who are going to be in my video, what they will be wearing, where I am going to film it, etc. And what each of these components will portray to my audience.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Video Podcast Idea

For my video podcasts I have decided to film them like public service announcements. I think it is really important to hold your users attentions just long enough to get your point across. With public service announcements, the creator is able to draw the user in with a brief scene and then follow up that scene with important information and a resource or two. Specifically with my topics, sexual assault and relationship violence, it should be fairly easy to come up with creative scenes to attract teenage attention, but I need to make sure that I effectively communicate the importance of the message I am communicating, and the resources available to them.

Image courtesy of

Monday, April 13, 2009

Podcast Website Evaluation

For my podcast website evaluation I looked at the American Civil Liberties Union section on Title IX to address sexual assault. I really like how this website has a summary associated with each podcast. For the users this allows ease in deciding whether or not the podcast is of interest to them. There is a related links section on the right side of the screen that suggests other pieces of the site users might be interested in. I really think video podcasts would enhance this website a lot. Overall, I think this website does a great job informing its users about the process for addressing sexual assaults.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Voice Recordings...

I was able to start recording my audio podcasts today. At first I struggled with the actual recording of my voice in GarageBand. Wanting everything to sound perfect, I found myself tempted to constantly re-record everything I said. However, I discovered that within GarageBand you have the ability to delete certain pieces of your voice recording, and then you can re-record that section so it sounds just the way you want it to. This trick turned out to be a real time saver!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Getting Started

Today we started working with GarageBand and other podcasting programs. Having no previous experience working with any of these programs, I think it will take me a week or so to feel comfortable using these programs for our class assignments. GarageBand provides its users with various jingles and music clips, free of copyright issues, to include in their podcasts. I think this feature will be incredibly helpful with my introduction and closing music sounds.